Healthcare can be a tricky field to properly market. Unlike any other business out there that relies on individuals consistently buying products, your practice depends solely on regular patient visits, depending on your specialty. Not only does your medical practice need to have fantastic reviews of exists patients, you need to be seen as well. In the age of digital marketing, where does one even start?

Fortunately, there are bountiful solutions to this issue that many owners of private practices can utilize to help improve patient traffic. Treating your practice with B2C (business to customer) and B2B (business to business) can be a fantastic way to utilize marketing tactics of both worlds. With that established, let’s dive into some digital marketing tactics you can use to help your private medical practice.

Highlight Your Expertise

This is an incredibly important aspect to utilize for your business, and can require very little effort to get off the ground. Blogging has been known to help bring traffic to websites consistently, utilizing SEO (search engine optimization). If you were to consistently write informational, organic articles regularly about your field, you would no doubt be found by individuals who are searching for answers online.

The conversion from this is incredibly beneficial, as you become an authority in your field, and gain future patient’s trust. Blogging is practically mandatory for most digital marketing strategies, and should not be skipped if you’re looking to grow your practice.

Create a Referral Network

As mentioned previously, simply establishing your business as a B2C can do more harm than good. Therefore, it is incredibly Important to network with other private practices, colleagues, or even friends for active referrals. Utilizing LinkedIn is a fantastic way to network with other healthcare professionals, build relationships and help each other by sending referrals when appropriate. Reaching out to other students from when you were in school can also help create an experienced network you can rely upon. You can build a business by yourself, but it requires dedicated individuals to make it grow. Create a referral network and watch your business bloom.

Make Videos

Many medical professionals often overlook YouTube, but it has some incredible value if one puts the time into finding the right team to make it work. As mentioned previously, by establishing yourself as an authority in your field, you can help garner people’s trust in you and your practice. The big difference this time is that video allows you to physically be seen, and people will oftentimes trust someone they can see who is actively engaging a topic they’re interested in. This may be a more expensive route, but certainly something not to be overlooked.

Become Mobile Friendly

In recent years, mobile visits to websites have become more commonplace than when visiting a website from your desktop or laptop. This has caused many web developers to create a “mobile friendly” version of the website, so that many items are not cut out of view, and browsing doesn’t become a hassle for future patients.

When developing your website, make sure that your web developer can implement a mobile friendly version. Google’s new focus wants to ensure that websites are mobile friendly, and can oftentimes be found at the top of a search engine result if they are. This is almost mandatory to be found, and should not be skipped when it comes to your initial website development or regular upkeep.



In the middle of your other duties, it’s likely that the last thing you are thinking about is digital marketing. However, without digital marketing, your practice may never be found in the sea of other medical businesses. Utilize these tactics when it comes to digital marketing, and you will notice your business grow slowly but surely over time.