Developing a business is tough work. You have to deal with a fast-paced environment, juggle many tasks at once, and have the attitude to carry on with a smile while serving clients and colleagues. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right skill set. An MBA can set you apart from the rest by helping you learn valuable insight on how to manage and grow a business more efficiently. Here are the various ways an MBA helps you as a business developer:


Businesses live and die by their P&L (profit and loss) sheet. This sheet is also called a balance sheet. To understand how to develop your business, you must have the proper cash flow so that your reserves don’t run thin when you’re paying huge bills.

An MBA helps you navigate the tricky waters of finances by helping you understand how to read the financial documentation. Even if you end up hiring a CFO in your business, you must be able to have conversations about economic topics such as getting investors and managing debt. That way, your company will thrive instead of starving.


Marketing is the thing that makes money for most businesses. Without proper marketing, it doesn’t matter if you have the best product in the world. People still need to know about it to buy it.

Marketing helps you understand core forces at work in human psychology and how to position our company the right way in your marketplace. For instance, you might find those specific customers like to purchase premium products while others are looking for the most significant bargain they can find. Getting your master business administration is the key to getting a top quality education in all things marketing.


If marketing is the essential first step to getting a business off the ground, then sales are the closest that comes in and finishes the deal. Marketing should tee up your leads for you to make it easier for sales. However, every great business professional, especially in business development, should have a basic understanding of sales. You should use your MBA training to understand why people buy and how to push them over the edge to sign the paperwork when they’re hesitant. The best biz dev professionals genuinely are closers.


MBA is about business administration in the end. If you can’t manage your team, you won’t get the best performance possible out of them. This will result in your competition gaining an advantage over you in the marketplace. To avoid this, make sure your team is happy working with you and that you understand their needs for growth and contribution.


Markets change every day, and especially when you take that timeline and stretch it out further into months and years. To develop your business efficiently, and MBA helps you understand how to approach new markets for maximum success.


Accounting may not be everyone’s favorite subject, but it is necessary. Without proper accounting, your books won’t line up with your company’s goals. You can outsource this part of the plan in the future, but don’t sacrifice your knowledge. Use MBA training to get an in-depth analysis of how businesses should record their income and expenses. This will give you a framework to use when evaluating opportunities.

When it comes to biz dev, you never know what is around the next corner. The best way to prepare is to train yourself every chance you get. The best way to train is getting your MBA. With specific knowledge on finances, recruiting, marketing, and more, you’ll set yourself up for success now and well into the future.